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DestructoTanks DestructoTanks

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty exciting.

The graphics were pretty good i loved the explosion but i disliked the background.
The controls were pretty basic but yo need to make it more obvious if the turrets facing backwards or frwards can get confusing. I loved the sound and explosions.
My only suggestions are change up the backgrounds,bigger better tanks,owerups where you can inflict more damage,and there was a glitch when i died the barrier(that you can't destroy) disappeared i could still shoot at it but it wasn't there,

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Schwarzk├Ąppchen Schwarzk├Ąppchen

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good story but decent game.

The graphics were amazing in the story but also in the game too i loved when you killed the creatures. The story was really good the big bad wolf scared me lol. The game was alittle repetative and you sLiced dowNwards with the blunt part not the blade. You need to add combos,add the ability to jump,diferent backgrounds,kinda fix the strange walking,and make storys with each game it was great.

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Mr-NiK responds:

Haha Thank you for those suggestions.
If I make a second game like this I will certainly make it more diverse and less boring.
1 attack can get tedious I know, but the point was to have one hit kills because it was a quick assignment I did within 3 months.

Burger Run Burger Run

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This was fun.

The graphics were old school and i liked them brought you back in the day. The mop and broom were good looking although the background just stayed overall the same you should add more colorful and changing envionments(restaraunts). The sound was pretty good i liked when you ate stuff, got hit,and nice background music. Although i think you shoulda added more of a restaraunt type music. The gameplay was pretty fun but also pretty easy after like ten seconds of watching them you know the paths they take. You should make the paths they take more random and cut the speed alittle if you do that. Plus adding difficulties,more types of enemies,and alittle more animated backgrounds this would be and still is a pretty good time killer.

Brain Bender Brain Bender

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The title's true.

The graphics were ok not much there but the background made it harder and fit perfectly. The concept was original and it was a very difficult game. The flash itself was cool a brain teaser and i got the point whenever it said it i tried doing what it told me but it got very complicating lol. The only thing i could say to add would be like lives and like a survival mode. Well plus diferent difficulties.

Zombiez Zombiez

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Decent start.

The graphics were ok you shoud add a better background and the gun never chanes when you buy another one it's always a pistol you need to add different looking weapons but i did like how the gun slid back when you fired you also need to add more upgrades. The gun sounds were pretty cool but you need to add a kinda scary song. The concept's been done the whole zombie defense game you need to add something more exciting maybe you get to buy zombies and send them to kill people. However if you wanna continue this gme you need to add more types of zombies,maybe hire mercants to help,more guns,maybe add like how you can go out and capture territories and every once in a while zombies attack your territories and if you have no merchants or too few poorly trained ones they take it add a spin like that make it new and excitng.

Boss Bash Boss Bash

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very fun.

The graphics were amazing i loved the old school games with nw age graphics they were perfect. The sounds were all perect and fit each boss. The controls were alittle hard to mster because it was a pretty hard game. The game itself was very hard but increadibly fun. I really liked the mario one it was pretty tough then the ilnk one just brought you back to the good old days. You should make more of these kinda flash games using all the great classic genres of gaming. Improvements would be to add different difficulties or like training modes so people don't just start off die a few times then get angry and say "too hard it sucks".

Bash The Boys Bash The Boys

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty fun.

The graphics were amazing the background,the dog,the walkng,the charecters,and just everything was smooth. The sound was pretty good but you should have more than one sound whistle kinda got annoying. I liked the homer doh it was funny. The style was new and fresh i liked hitting the guys. The games controls were really simple and easy. The concept was fun and funny but pretty hard when a lot of guys came on screen. I believe you should add more than just whistling/dog like make really big women who when you click chase multiple men off. Add different modes like like story,survival(set amount of men that can runaway),more men some harder to whisle and others easier,and like add the ability to super whistle or something like that. This was overall a very fun and addictive game.

Be the Fly Be the Fly

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very fun.

The grapics were really nice i liked how the frog looked and the flys were detailed very well.The only issue i have with the size of the level it was far too small and the fly went really fast makig it hard to control. The controls were alittle weird took sometime to get used to mixed with the small level. The sound was pretty neat but it shoulda been more naturish. The overall concept of the game was basic and pretty fun all the flys and stuff got in the way they were great obsticles. The things you should add would be like a bigger level,different levels,different modes,and maybe add like killer birds every once in a while

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Lambtaco responds:

Thanks. Maybe I'll add all that stuff if I ever do a sequel. But right now I like it for what it is. It's actaully just one day's work (as most of my Flashes that actually get done are) just added some music from the Audio Portal before submiting it. I could have screwed with the controls until they were easy too, but I guess I was just too lazy.

Bowling Alley Defense Bowling Alley Defense

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good.

Graphics-Outstading the blood was good,enemy's looked great,gun,bowlingball,and well pretty much everything was perfect.
Sound-Very funny when you fight the bosses and i liked the sound throughout the whole game. Plus the splattering noises it makes was pretty cool.
Style-Very original and hard i really liked it challenging and not just a point and click simple defense game.
Controls-Were increadibly simple and easily mastered but getting the bowling ball just right was hard but that's what made it great.
Remarks-Easily one of the best defense games out.
Suggestions-Make more unique defense games like this they're one of a kind and great.

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Captain Pot Story Game Captain Pot Story Game

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Eh it was a good start.

Remarks-It did seem like a mario reeation but withot the ability to stomp on creatures it just got kinda boring.
Style-Was original a teapot head mario thing was kinda col.
Sound-Was marioish which was cool.
Graphics-Were pretty good i liked the background and creature design.
Suggestions-Make the teapotbe ale to stomp on creatures and maybe give him his own style not just a mario teapot.