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Skateboarding Fun Skateboarding Fun

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It was pretty good.

The graphics need work you need to animate the guy,at times it seemed alittle slow,and the background was just white. The sound fit with the skateboarding.
The flash overall was pretty good i liked ho it nda had te skateboard transform kinda gave it alittle more style. My sugestions are add like a background, fix the speed,and make the guy into a real person but overall it was pretty good especially for a first.
Questions: Will you be making more of these? If you do you should throw in a bit of a story like the skaters name,maybe others skaters he skates with,and like maybe a skating competition.

Deathwishez responds:

Thanks for the tips, just to let you know, at first, I tried making a real person at first, but it sucked, and this guy was quick and easy, also, I tried making a background, but it sucked, so I got rid of it, plus, the next one will be really fast, hardcore skating. This is going to be a series, but right now, it's all basic stuff, huge things will come later, like once I get Swift 3D, say hello to uberness, anyways, no more on the future! I can't give it all away!

Happy B-day Flash Lounge! Happy B-day Flash Lounge!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Lol that was strange.

The graphics were alittle eh not bad but not great just not too much moving. The humor was outstanding louis giving birth like that and just everything was oustanding. The narrators voice was perfect he must be a great voice actor. My only suggestion is you should make them move more and what not but other than that it was overall pretty funny and a great tribute to louis.

P.S. amazing ending that's what made me laugh the hardest besides naked pics of fat chicks :P.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

"Art, Animation, Script, and NARRACTION by Derek Vandenbeg"
I did the voice acting. Thanks. :)
Glad ya liked it. ^^

Ida's Luck Part 2 Ida's Luck Part 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Increadibly beautiful.

The graphics were outstanding the eery darkness was perfect for the movie. The story was outstanding and original perfect narrating. The flash was a beautiful masterpiece. Is there going to be another? My only problem was the narrators voice lacked emotion when some parts neded alittle plus her song was hard to understand. But it was overall very great.

Recent Game Reviews

DestructoTanks DestructoTanks

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty exciting.

The graphics were pretty good i loved the explosion but i disliked the background.
The controls were pretty basic but yo need to make it more obvious if the turrets facing backwards or frwards can get confusing. I loved the sound and explosions.
My only suggestions are change up the backgrounds,bigger better tanks,owerups where you can inflict more damage,and there was a glitch when i died the barrier(that you can't destroy) disappeared i could still shoot at it but it wasn't there,

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Schwarzk├Ąppchen Schwarzk├Ąppchen

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good story but decent game.

The graphics were amazing in the story but also in the game too i loved when you killed the creatures. The story was really good the big bad wolf scared me lol. The game was alittle repetative and you sLiced dowNwards with the blunt part not the blade. You need to add combos,add the ability to jump,diferent backgrounds,kinda fix the strange walking,and make storys with each game it was great.

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Mr-NiK responds:

Haha Thank you for those suggestions.
If I make a second game like this I will certainly make it more diverse and less boring.
1 attack can get tedious I know, but the point was to have one hit kills because it was a quick assignment I did within 3 months.

Burger Run Burger Run

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This was fun.

The graphics were old school and i liked them brought you back in the day. The mop and broom were good looking although the background just stayed overall the same you should add more colorful and changing envionments(restaraunts). The sound was pretty good i liked when you ate stuff, got hit,and nice background music. Although i think you shoulda added more of a restaraunt type music. The gameplay was pretty fun but also pretty easy after like ten seconds of watching them you know the paths they take. You should make the paths they take more random and cut the speed alittle if you do that. Plus adding difficulties,more types of enemies,and alittle more animated backgrounds this would be and still is a pretty good time killer.